Thursday, January 20, 2011

Halloween Party 1

First thing you need to have in order to throw a great party-- Imagination!!

In throwing a halloween party its important to try and mix and match different things that make halloween fun.. such as treats, costumes and fun effects.

Step 1 - Turn off the lights! When you're having a halloween party a really fun thing, if your party room allows it, turn off the lights. There are many ways you are add lighting and still have the effect of being in the dark. If you can get any funky lighting fictures such as fibre optic lights, strobe lights or disco balls.

What I did was I went to the dollar store and bought a bunch of these lamps. They light up different colours and flash. I placed these all over the rooms mainly beside the stero system, the snack tables and on the stage.(We held our party in a school in the gym).

Step 2 - Tasty Snacks! When you're making treats make sure you have a theme to go along with them. Cake is a great addition to a party, but cup cakes will cut down on how messy the room will get and it helps on the clean up. In this case, we baked both cup cakes and cake. When decorating cupcakes if you can get friends to help you, you get more imagination and variety. I made pumpkin faces, cookie spiders and worms in dirt on top of the cupcakes.

This cake was really easy to make. All you do is: -
You cut the ghosts head in a circle shape as seen above. You cut the excess cake in half and voila you have created his arms. His eyes are made out of egg shells, with cherries inside of them for eye balls, and his mouth was shaped the way it was with string licorise.

This is a simple cookie put on top of a cup cake with licorise leggs secured in the icing underneath the cookie. Add m&ms for eyes.

This "worms in dirt" cup cake was easily created with crushed up oreo cookies with a gumie worm placed inside of it.

This cup cake pumpkin was made out of a gummie worm. you simple slice off a peice with a knife, and cut teeth out of it to create the toothless pumpkin mouth. With the extra peices you cut out, and the rest of the worm you have left you create the rest of the features on its face such as eyes and nose.

Step 3 - Make the party come to life! One thing I really wanted to do with my halloween party is make it come to life. I roped in a few friends and they all agreed to dress up and come entertain the kids for the evening. I made a coffin out of an old tredmill box. I painted it black and put a vampire zombie inside of it. A friend agred to dress up like a zombie and lay in the coffin all night occasionally walkign around the room with the kids. I went to the dollar store and picked up some cob web. I placed the cob web inside of the coffin and over my zombie. Inside of the coffin was also a black light. This created some light when it reflected off of the white cob web.. making it glow purple for a really cool effect.
Dressing up like popular super heroes is always a go with the kids! Both of these costumes were made out of second hand clothes.

When you don't have a costume it's always easy to create one.

When trying to put make up on your face to create a "zombie" look, first cover the face with a white powder. This will create a very pale effect and make the colours you place on top pop out.

Step 4 - Have some fun! My friends and I had a lot of fun creating the props for the halloween party. I grabbed some various sizes of boxes from work and created my props out of boxes. My fiancee's mom created a haunted house out of a giant box. She painted it white, and cut out doors and windows. Inside of the hole sin the box she placed ghosts she made out of kleenex and other small things we found at the dollar store. We also made tomb stones out of paint and boxes. We painted the tomb stones grey after cutting them into the shape we wanted them to be, and we made sure that we also created a stand so that it would stand straight. 
For a more real effect you can also add cob webbing and plastic spiders.

Alright so this is my first entry, I know its no where near halloween but I hope that this helps out at some point!! Enjoy!

Happy Partying!